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PDH Laurence x Reader x Garroth: Talking
   " Okay quit the glaring contest. Garroth I'll stay with Laurence. "
   " You sure?"
   " Ya. "
   " Okay. Text me if you need anything. "
   " I will. "
   " Bye guys. "
   " Bye Garroth. "
   " Bye man. "
I saw Garroth stuff his hands in his pockets and start walking home. He looked kind of sad. I wish I didn't have to choose. I don't want to hurt either of their feelings. I turned back towards Laurence to see him grinning.
   " So, Y/n how do you know Garroth?"
   " When we were kids my mom knew his mom and from there we would hang out a lot. "
   " Oh, so like a childhood friend?"
   " Ya. Exactly like that. What about you? How do you know him?"
   " Well we are in the same year and we would always keep running into each other. So one day we stopped and talked with each other. "
   " Nice. So what do you want to do while we are here?"
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Fear by Musiclover831 Fear :iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 3 0
MCD:Garroth's Ending
   ' Okay, I've made up my mind. I need to tell him. I want to know if he feels the same way about me. If he doesn't then it makes it easier to leave. ' 
I started searching all over Phoenix Drop for Garroth. I couldn't find him anywhere.
   ' Wait. '
I completely forgot about checking there! I started walking towards the edge of the village. I found a small hill and I looked inside to see that it was the same hole that lead to the underground cave. I took my first step in the hole and started walking downwards. The way down was very rocky and weird. When I reached the bottom I saw a body floating in the water. I looked closer to see that it was Garroth. He was floating on his back and staring up at the top of the cave. Where the crystals were. 
   " Hey, Garroth. "
His head looked up while the rest of his body went underneath the water.
   " Hey, Y/n. What's up?"
   " Nothing. "
I went and sat at the edge of the dry area. I t
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 3 1
PDH Laurence x Reader x Garroth: The Park
I got up and got dressed to go to the park. I wore ( Wear whatever you would like ). I pulled out my phone to check the time to see that Garroth texted me.
Garroth: Hey so are you coming to the park?
You: Ya.
Garroth: I'll come by and we can walk there together.
You: Okay. I'll be waiting at the front door.
Garroth: Alright
I put my phone in my pocket and walked out the front door. I shut the door and locked it. I held the textbook in my hand. I saw Garroth walking up the road in his athletic jacket. As usual. When he saw me a smile appeared on his face.
   " Hey, Garroth. "
   " Hey, Y/n got the textbook?"
   " Right here. "
   " Alright well, let's go. "
I nodded and we started walking to the park. As we walked to the park we talked. We talked the whole way. Eventually, we stopped walking when we reached the middle of the bridge. I leaned over the edge and looked into the water. I watched it as it flowe
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MCD: Laurence's Ending
It's time. I need to tell him how I feel. After everything that's been happening. It's time. Especially before any other guy meets me. Can I do it though? Without Stuttering and freaking out? I shook my head and started walking around the village looking for Laurence. I found Travis and Garroth, but not Laurence. Eventually, I went to APhmau's house.
   " Hey, Y/n! What's up?"
   " Hey, Aph I was wondering if Laurence was around? Or if you've seen him?"
   " Ahhh I thought you might ask about him. "
She walked inside gesturing me to come in as well. I walked in and she made us both some tea and we sat down at the table.
   " I gave Laurence the day off. He seemed really stressed lately. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give him a days rest. "
   " Ahhh, I see. "
   " Why were you looking for him?"
   " U-Ummm. "
   " Hmmm. You like him don't you?"
   " Y-Yes. "
   " Well,
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 2 1
PDH Laurence x Reader x Garroth: The Beginning
It was Friday and I was walking through the hallways like a normal student when a girl bumped into me. I fell alongside the girl.
   " Oh! I'm so so so sorry! "
   " It's fine. "
I sat up with the girl beside me. She had black hair and orange eyes. We both started getting our stuff and then once we were done we both stood up together.
   " I'm sorry again. I was rushing to get to homeroom. "
   " It's fine..."
   " Aphmau. "
   " Aphmau it's fine really. I'm not injured. Why were you rushing to homeroom?"
   " Cause I need to meet my friend Laurence there. "
   " Ahh, I see. "
   " What's your name?"
   " Y/n. It's nice to meet you Aphmau. "
   " You can just call me Aph. "
   " Alright well, I hope you make it to meet Laurence. I won't keep you anymore. "
   " Okay thank you! I'll see you later!"
She waved at me before she ran off
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I'd Rather by Musiclover831 I'd Rather :iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0
MCD x Reader: Their Kiss
I got this idea from Leanne264. By Idea I mean I got the idea to play this song while reading.
                                                                                                                                                      ( Travis's P.O.V. )
I was just laying in bed trying to get a few more hours of sleep. Until I heard my front door open and close.
   " Travis?" I heard.
Then I heard footsteps come up the stairs and into my room. I cracked my eyes open a little and seen Y/n's angelic silhouette. I closed my ey
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 5 3
Take Me Anywhere - NateWantsToBattle
It's underneath my skin
These god forsaken memories
The puppet takes the stage, he'll carry on
Forgotten who I am
But all the world keeps telling me
It may be where you live but it's not your home.
I got a one way ticket straight out of here
And I don't know where it goes
It's not the destination, it's the crawl
Was it out of love, or out of fear?
If you ask me, I don't know
You forget how to want, once you've had it all.
You can't take me anywhere
You can't take me anywhere
I got a way back home and an open door
To everything I left, face-down on the floor
You know you can't take me anywhere.
It's underneath my skin
Like ink that's still reminding me
A night where everything's not as it seems
A thousand whitened smiles
But none contain no empathy
Paper thin, they're seeing right through me.
I got a one way ticket straight out of here
And I don't know where it goes
Ignore the rise but everyone sees you fall
Was it out of love, or out of fear?
If you ask me, I don't know
You forget how
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0
MCD x Reader: Forgiveness
                                                                                                                                                        ( 2 Weeks Later )
I woke up in my soft comfortable bed. I yawned and stretched and decided to get up and out of bed. I sat up and got dressed in something comfortable.

Then I went downstairs and ate some breakfast. Over these past two weeks, Travis and I have been getting closer and I've been getting my memories back. I think I have re
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 4 5
FNAF Human!Bonnie!xReader Night 5: Part 2
I walked out of the pizzeria and towards my car. I jumped in and sped home. I parked my car and walked inside. I set my bag on the floor and walked up the stairs. I jumped on my bed and instantly fell asleep. having no dreams.
                                                                                                                                                        ( Time Skip )
I sat up in bed and looked out the window to see that it was dark outside. I went and jumped in the shower and changed clothes. Then I walked downstairs. I sat on the couch and turned the TV on. The news channel immediat
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 2 0
Psalm 36:10 by Musiclover831 Psalm 36:10 :iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 1 0
Mcd x Reader: Afraid
                                                                                                                                                        ( Travis's P.O.V. )
   ' Should I? '
I looked at Y/n to see her smiling and laughing with me. I probably shouldn't. She just got over two guys who tried to play her. Plus I don't want to ruin my friendship with her just because of some little feeling.
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 5 1
MCD Travis x Reader x Laurence Pt. 2
So it was a Tie but I'll pick the first one that was commented.
   ' Who do I choose?'
  " You know what this is ridiculous. She's riding with me. That's final."
Laurence grabbed my hand and pulled me up and onto his horse. I sat in front of him and he wrapped his arms around me. He kicked the horse and we started riding off. Travis followed right behind. Glaring at Laurence. As we rode the sun had set fully. The stars sparkled the sky. We decided that we would stop and set up a camp for the night since we were halfway to Phoenix Drop.
I tied up the horses while Travis set up the tents and Laurence got wood. I walked back to the tents and saw Laurence. He had a bunch of firewood. He started the fire quickly. I sat at one corner of the fire while Laurence and Travis sat on both sides of me.
  " So as soon as the sun rises we leave for Phoenix Drop?"
  " Yes. The guards should let us in."
  " Alright. So are either of you guys tired?"
They both shook
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 2 5
MCD x Reader: Little Sister

   " Y/n please wait. Let us explain."
I pulled my hand away.
   " Garroth what more is there to explain? You know what I don't even want to hear it. I'll see you guys later."
I turned around and started walking away. I walked away with tears in my eyes. They didn't even consider my feelings in this. I walked over to my house and went inside. I sat on my bed and just stayed in my thoughts. I didn't know what to do. I was upset and I just wanted to sleep. I changed into some more comfortable clothes and got under the sheets of the bed. I went asleep instantly.

:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 4 4
Travlyn: Was It A Dream
                                                                                                                                                        ( Travis's P.O.V. )
I went to the bathroom and looked under the sink and in the closet for some band-aids. Once I found them I walked back to the living room and saw Katlyn sitting on the couch. She noticed me. I knelt in front of her and started putting the bandage around her finger. When I was done I looked up at her to see that she was deep in thought. I sat down in front of her and she noticed I was done. We just stared at each other for a while.
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 3 1

Random Favourites

Bonnie x Reader : Remember me?
Before anyone asks , I am doing a sequel to the Bonnie x Child reader story
It's been 11 years since your last visit at the pizzeria , ever since that day happened your mother wouldn't let you go no more which sucked for you because you could never see Bonnie again. You missed him allot and you wish you could see him again.
Since you are now 17 , your mother has made you get a job , "Well (y/n) if you're not planning to go to school then get a damn job!" she said and threw the news paper at you , groaning you took it and began to read it as you looked down to see a job at Freddy Fazbear's.
The needed someone to take the night-shift from 12am-6am and you would get 120$ a week. "I found one" you said as you grabbed the red pen and circled around it , 'it's not worth 120$ but I rather be doing this than scrub toilets' you thought to yourself as you grabbed the phone dialing the number.
"Hello?" the voice said , "Yes Hello I'd like to take the night-shift job at Freddy Fazbear's please" yo
:iconphantomspiritt:PhantomSpiritt 30 14
I still love you Freddy x half animatronic reader
Human Freddy x Half animatronic reader
You curled up against the corner as words of hate were thrown at you , you hated your life allot , It was wonderful until that day happened how you survived you'll never know but what he done broke you not only from the outside , but the inside too.
"W-why" you whispered to yourself as tears fell down your (s/c) cheeks as you held your knees to your chest , you had no one now since everyone would scream and would run away from you screaming out "Monster, run!!!"
"I-I'm not a monster" you thought to yourself and closed your eyes , remembering what happened
=Flash back=
You were with Freddy and the others as you laughed lightly as you ate some pizza as Freddy and Bonnie were talking , "So (y/n) how do you like being with us?" Chica said looking at you as you finished the pizza , "I love it here, I wish I could stay here forever" you said smiling.
It wasn't long before Freddy and the others had to go back on stage as they turned into their Animatroni
:iconphantomspiritt:PhantomSpiritt 44 26
The Bunny and the Bear (Freddy x reader x Bonnie)
(( Before we start let's get some things straight for the new comers ,
(y/n) = your first name
(l/n) = Last name
(f/c) = Favourite colour
(f/f) = Favourite food
(F/n) = Freinds name
(s/n) = Sisters name
Chapter1: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
~(y/n)~ P.o.v
I groaned loudly as my alarm clock went off , slamming my hand down on it I sighed to myself slowly rubbing my eyes as I heard a loud yelling sound coming from downstairs "(Y/n) , get up right now ,we have to leave soon for your sisters birthday party!!" my mother said , I groaned in annoyance and got up , 'why do I have to go to a stupid kids party?' I thought to myself as I got dressed into my (f/c) t-shirt and wore dark Blue jeans with black boots , I looked at the time that said 11:37am as I sat on my bed , checking my phone before I heard another loud scream "(Y/N)!!!" my mother yelled , "Alright I am coming!!!!" I yelled back as I put on my jacket before going downstairs to see my mother glaring at me.
"Mom , why can't I stay here?
:iconphantomspiritt:PhantomSpiritt 23 3
The Bunny and the Bear (Freddy x reader x Bonnie)
Chapter 2: The nightshift
I sighed lightly as I looked at the time which said 10:55pm , I only had a short while before I had to go back to the pizzeria , getting up I went downstairs and slowly got ready to leave , I was slightly excited since I was going to see my friends again but worried because what if they didn't remember me? What if they wanted to kill me?
I looked at my mother who sat quietly at the table before she looked up at me with saddening eyes , "(Y/n).....are you sure you want to do this?" she asked as she patted a chair , telling me to sit with her , I looked at her before sitting down next to her , "Mom....are you alright? Why of a sudden are you so worried? You never worried before when I took other late night shifts" I said as I raised a brow , she didn't even look back at me.
"...Just be careful there alright? I heard what those animatronics what can do and what could happen to you...." she said as she looked up at me , my ear perked up a bit as I nodded slowly ,
:iconphantomspiritt:PhantomSpiritt 30 8
Human Freddy x Reader: Jealous Bear
-your p.o.v-
I sighed to myself as I entered the building , Freddy Fazbear's building to be exact , I sighed and went into the office and sat in the chair , I remember coming here for the first time
(flash back)
I was walking into the doors of Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria as I walked to the office , it was my first night here and I was rather excited , sitting down on the chair I heard the phone ring , I tried answering it but it was only a recorded message of the phone guy telling me what to do.
When the message was over I checked the security camera's to see that Foxy was peeking out of the curtains and Bonnie and Chica were still on stage , but Freddy was no where to be seen "Hm , that'd odd the phone guy said that Freddy wouldn't move until the second or third night" I said as I checked them again to see that Freddy was right outside the door.
"found you , you little shit" I said quietly to myself as the camera's turned off , "GODDAMMIT!!!" I mentally screamed out to see that Freddy w
:iconphantomspiritt:PhantomSpiritt 145 621
Our Time Together H! Bonnie x Dandere!Child!Reader
Why must your parents do this to you? They knew that you weren't good at making friends with other kids, or just interacting with people in general. So, why did they bring you to a pizzeria, that was filled with people? Simple, they didn't like the fact that you spent most of the day up in your room watching cartoons, while all the other kids were out playing. So, they brought you here because it was popular among kids your age.
You clung to your parents as hard as you could. Whenever they managed to make you let go, you would freak out. You also freaked out when other kids tried to play with you or talk to you, and ran away as fast as you could.
When one little boy actually touched you to get your attention, you ran faster than you ever did before. You didn't care where you were going, you just didn't want anybody to try and interact with you. When you bumped into a hard surface, you realized what direction you had been running in. You just ran towards the stage. You felt three pairs
:iconanimechick2000:Animechick2000 104 18
The Grinch by Arielle-Kasa The Grinch :iconarielle-kasa:Arielle-Kasa 96 25 christmas hijackers by briannacherrygarcia christmas hijackers :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 21,001 1,832 The Grinch by ZachSmithson The Grinch :iconzachsmithson:ZachSmithson 231 11 Dare To Dream by Bella-Marinelli Dare To Dream :iconbella-marinelli:Bella-Marinelli 7 6 Please use the folders by BrokenTimeWindow Please use the folders :iconbrokentimewindow:BrokenTimeWindow 1 0 KBSD x CtCD - 18 Again! by kbinitiald KBSD x CtCD - 18 Again! :iconkbinitiald:kbinitiald 9 4
Gravity Falls x Girl!Reader #2
Gravity Falls x reader
PART 2: Trust no one!
You and Dipper walked deep into the woods. You knew that forest as well as Dipper.
Dipper looked at you, smiling and you smiled back at him. You walked and when you reached 'the love stone', Dipper let go of your hand and said something under his breath.
"What was that. I didn't catch it." You said playfully. You followed Dipper's gaze and saw Robbie and Tambry sitting on a rock. Dipper's face was red but you smiled and carefully walked closer.
You sneaked behind them, gave Dipper a mischievous gaze and grabbed Robbie's shoulders. He screamed like a little girl and jumped up. You bursted into laugh. Robbie cursed and Tambry looked surprised. You stopped laughing when Dipper shouted your name.
You turned around and saw Dipper standing like nothing happened. You waved byes to Tambry and Robbie. You walked closer to Dipper.
"Dips, what's the problem?" You asked. He looked you, and you realized that something was wrong. His pupils were different
:iconneanavy:neanavy 12 9
Gravity Falls x Girl!Reader
Gravity falls x reader
PART 1: Arriving to Gravity Falls
It was sunny day and you were on your way to Gravity Falls by bus. You had had summer school, but it ended earlier that day. Your parents gave a punishment to you for getting in the summer school. The punishment was spending the rest of the summer at your gruncle's in Gravity Falls, Oregon. But what your parents did not know was that you enjoyed your punishment. They thought you were too old for vacations in the middle of nowhere. But 15 is just a number, right? Last summer you spent whole summer in Gravity Falls, but because of the summer school, someone had to replace you and go to Gravity Falls.
Your mother and father sent your little siblings there. Mabel was excited to explore Gravity Falls and make thousands of new friends but Dipper didin't want to go. You had told about your "adventures" to them as bedtime stories. Mabel thouhgt that unicorns and gnomes were so magical and fantastic and as good big
:iconneanavy:neanavy 24 1
ALL THE WAY (with jackscepticeye speeddraw) by Desteny-Love ALL THE WAY (with jackscepticeye speeddraw) :icondesteny-love:Desteny-Love 14 4 Cligny by Desteny-Love Cligny :icondesteny-love:Desteny-Love 14 17


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